About Introspective Networks and SmokeNet

Introspective Networks is headquartered in the beautiful state of Colorado. Our founding team is composed of veterans in the worlds of computer science, telecommunications, and business. The team has decades of combined experience and know-how.

SmokeNet was created as a reaction to the 2013 “Snowden” leaks by its founder, Anthony Scott Thompson. Anthony is a product of access to Bell Laboratories, Murray Hill in its heyday in the 70’s and 80’s. He had very early access to computers and engaged in cracking cryptography, legal at the time to back up purchased, encrypted media. What was puzzling was how easy it was to decrypt. His father who, at the time, was on the DoD Science advisory board where encryption was a hot topic, stated that it was the fact that math was being used for the encryption. He would state emphatically, “You can not use math for encryption.” Math can always be defeated because there will always be a proof. Whoever created the encryption will have the method to decrypt it when they go through the steps to ensure the math is correct.

The current encryption algorithms as well as the post quantum algorithms being pushed are clearly not secure. Spear Phishing is the largest issue but the government’s decryption capability has fairly obviously existed from day one when AES encryption was standardized in the 90’s. Look at this logically – what good is collecting all the data the US DOJ is collecting unless they have the ability to decrypt it? Anyone telling you AES can not be decrypted is misinformed or misguided. The decryption of communications that used Signal, a double encryption communication app, from the Oath Keepers around the Jan 6th incident is clear evidence the US Government, and likely many other organizations and Nation States, can decrypt AES encryption (even when double encrypted). In fact, it appears the entire point of encryption standards is to ensure the data decryption method works. 

So, with these facts, Anthony Thompson set out to really fix the Cybersecurty issue knowing the 2013 NSA leaks would create the fiasco we see today, including increasingly regular government breaches and ransomware attacks, would be forthcoming.

First, to solve this, we need encryption that can not be broken. The Vernam Cipher fills that need. The next thing was to remove the attack vectors built into the Internet. The Internet and its protocols were designed for diagnosis. That capability has been weaponized. To attack a data stream, you need a known port and an IP address. Rotating the port regularly and starting on unknown ports means the originating port is now unknown. That arrests data interception and solves a computer science problem with Streaming Encryption called the Key Exchange problem. The bottom line is, MTD with Port Hopping solves the Key Exchange problem which allows for uncrackable encryption. The technology has built upon these initial concepts, becoming more advanced, and is approaching what academics refer to as perfect security.

IN has developed other technologies that revolve around keeping the data private and removing breach points. These all are perfect solutions for Zero Trust Architecture and revolve around SmokeNet.